Meme Capital Management (abn 61 158 314 982) was incorporated in May 2012 and is based in Perth, Western Australia.  We are fully independent and privately owned.

At Meme we research and develop investment systems using technical analysis and quantitative trading concepts.  By developing strategies which contemplate all market variables, we believe we can build trading systems which are designed to account for all market conditions.  We also believe capital preservation to be as important as capital growth, so our strategies continually assess both the opportunities for capital growth and the risks to capital preservation.  Consequently, our strategies will remain invested only as, when and for as long as opportunities for growth exist.

Our principal activity is to act as Investment Manager for a managed investment scheme which applies these strategies and systems to share-market investments.  Our flagship fund is the wholesale Meme Australian Share Fund which invests in those shares on the Australian Stock Exchange which lie outside the ASX20.

At Meme we are committed to a quantitative style of investing and the investment manager holds a significant interest in the Meme Australian Share Fund.

Meme holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (afsl 430126) which authorises us to provide financial services to Wholesale Clients.


Greg Jude B.E. (Civil)  DipFP  DipTA  CFTe
Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer

Greg has an extensive foundation in systems design and has been engaged in the financial services industry since 1992.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of New South Wales and initially forged a successful career in computer systems design and implementation.  Throughout the 1980’s Greg managed  projects for IBM in both Australia and the United States and subsequently for a number of private clients throughout Australia and South-East Asia.

Since the early 1990’s Greg has been actively involved in the Australian financial services and investment management industries.  Over the last 15 years he has especially focused on developing reliable technical and quantitative strategies as a means of using direct shares to create and protect long-term wealth.  These powerful long-term wealth creation strategies are the culmination of an extensive set of skills and expertise:  a solid grounding in the disciplined processes of engineering logic; a wide-ranging suite of systems design skills and experience; and a comprehensive understanding of technical trading strategies.

Greg is an awarded member of the Australian Technical Analysts Association and since 2006 has been a member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts, where he is recognised as a Certified Financial Technician.

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